airline tickets to lebanon

Airline Tickets to Lebanon

Ancient Tyre is replete with ruins—including this preserved Roman road and arch. In Roman times the city was known for a precious purple dye, made from local sea snails, which became the color of royalty.

Lebanon Information and History

Lebanon is a small, mountainous country in the Middle East. After independence in 1943, Lebanon prospered as a banking, resort, and university center. It is estimated that two-thirds of the resident population are Muslim, with the rest being Christian. No census has been taken since 1932 due to political sensitivity over religious affiliation. Fighting between Christian and Muslim militias escalated into civil war from 1975 to 1991. Democracy was restored in 1992—allocating government positions based on religion. During the civil war both Israel and Syria sent troops into Lebanon. Israel withdrew its army in 2000; some 16,000 Syrian soldiers remain.

Lebanon Flag and Fast Facts

Flag of Lebanon


Beirut; 1,792,000

10,452 square kilometers
(4,036 square miles)

Arabic, French, English, Armenian

Muslim, Christian

Lebanese pound

Life Expectancy

GDP per Capita
U.S. $4,800

Literacy Percent

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