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Turkey Facts

Bodrum harbor is home to the Castle of St. Peter, which was built by the Hospitallers in the early 1400s. Süleyman I the Magnificent captured the site in 1522.

Turkey Information and History

Straddling the continents of Europe and Asia, Turkey tries to be a bridge between West and East. The portion of Turkey’s land in Europe may be small (about 5 percent), but the country’s largest city, Istanbul, is there. With nearly 13 million people, Istanbul is the third most populous European urban area, after Moscow and Paris.

The Asian part of Turkey is dominated by the dry plateau of Anatolia; the coastal areas of Anatolia consist of fertile lowlands. The country, especially northern Turkey, suffers from severe earthquakes. Mount Ararat, the highest point in Turkey at 5,137 meters (16,854 feet), is the biblical resting-place of Noah’s ark.

Turkey Flag and Fast Facts

Flag of Turkey Population

Ankara; 3,428,000

779,452 square kilometers
(300,948 square miles)

Turkish, Kurdish, Arabic, Armenian,

Muslim (mostly Sunni)

Turkish lira

Life Expectancy

GDP per Capita
U.S. $7,300

Literacy Percent

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