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Yemen Tourist Attraction

Yemen Tourist Attraction includes all the alluring sites of Yemen. Throughout the year, thousands of tourists across the globe come here to see these enchanting Yemenis places. Some of the most significant Yemen Tourist Attractions are as follows:

Among the above-mentioned places to visit, City of Taiz is said to be the capital of Taiz province. It is indeed one of the most wonderful and biggest cities of Yemen. It is quite popular for its mosques and Rasulid schools. Like most other Yemenis cities, Taiz also underwent a significant past and has currently become an important tourist destination.

While taking a trip around Yemen, tourists can also visit Al-Qaherah Castle that is considered to be a remarkable historical landmark. This castle was constructed during the Ottomans rule.

Apart from this, the skyscrapers of Shibam (a city of Yemen) are also considered to be a part of the major Yemenis tourist attractions. Those edifices are quite old and reflect the taste of the Yemenis. Most of them are made of mud and bricks. The weekly market of it also attends a huge number of international tourists.

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