Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How many bags can i take on my flight?

You are allowed two 50 lbs bags and a carry on bag.

2. How many hours before my flight should I go to the Airport?

You should go 3 hours prior to your flight deparature .

3. Do I have to reconfirm my flight before I leave?

No, You don’t have to reconfirm your flight.

4. What is Royal Jordanian Airlines Phone Number?

Direct Line to New York office (212)949-0050

5. Do I have to buy a ticket for my child?

Yes, each seat will have to pay for a ticket except for 2 years old or younger and they will have to sit in your lap if you do not want to pay for a seat. Kids under 12 do get a discounted fair.

6. Where are your offices located?

We have an office in Centerville, Ohio and Lexington, Kentucky.

7. Do you speak Arabic?

Yes. All are agents are fluent in Arabic and English

Call Us Now Toll Free Number 1-866-78.0-1877